Our Story

Our Story

A good business always has an origin story. Much like many innovative businesses in the 21st century, we too started at home. Rob's front room to be precise.

Back in 2010, Rob, co-founder and co-owner of Custom Varsity Apparel (CVA), struggled to source custom, handmade and high quality jackets for his hockey team. Frustrated, Rob decided to design and create his own. And with that, CVA was born.

Over the past 10 years, CVA has evolved and grown enormously, now servicing many teams and businesses across Australia and New Zealand. Where we are today is something Rob could never have imagined back in 2010. Today, CVA has designed, created and distributed thousands of Varsity Jackets, Hoodies, Sweatshirts and a whole lot more to customers far and wide.

To your left you’ll see both Rob and Andy who are the proud co-owners of CVA, both extremely hands on and love rocking all their CVA apparel!

Don’t be afraid to shoot them or the team a message with any questions you may have!


We believe in community! Belonging is so important, it's at the core of everything we do. It is our mission to unite people and teams through our apparel, with our customers and people at the forefront of our business and designs.

We are constantly ensuring we provide you with the best quality products and materials in market, continuing to innovate and develop our products so you can be confident you're shopping with the best.

And most importantly, our entire workforce are passionate about sustainably producing and delivering our products to you. We are constantly finding ways we can reduce our impact on the natural environment and implementing initiatives to improve the planet for our future generations.


Bring Your
Team Together.

CVA tailored apparel brings unity and identity to any sporting team, club, business or school cohort.

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